Sandblasted Glass Display Base | Learning Curve

   Sandblasted Glass Display Base   Recently I’ve been working on several new sandblasted glass display base designs.Not only have I been busy  designing these bases I have had to learn new things such as french polishing,metal work,wood working. I have never been much of a wood worker so I’ve had to learn how to […]

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LED Edge Lit

LED Edge Lit Base | Easy to Make

LED Edge Lit Base Making led edge lit bases are very simple to make. With just a few tools around your shop you can make your own& the possibilities are endless. Led strip lights are so inexpensive & with several types of controllers on the market you can make some pretty cool edge lit sign bases. […]

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Led Strip Light Projects

LED Strip Light Projects

LED Strip Lights,RGB & Single Color Strips LED strip lights also know as LED Ribbon lights have made their way into the DIY marketplace over the last few years. When I fist started using LED’s in my sand blasted glass projects LED’s were very expensive. A 5 meter roll would cost $50.00 + freight from […]

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Slider parts

DIY Router Table

Easy to Make Router Table I recently started making more wood projects utilizing  a router and found myself in need of a router table. While researching the possibility of buying a manufactured router table I found a lot of negative comments surounding the working parts of these tables. Stuff like “you will need to adapt to your […]

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